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ENGL 1A ACE K. Jonker


CQ Researcher weekly reports on public policy issues

Gale Virtual Reference Library -  specialized encyclopedias

Gale Opposing Viewpoints - background on controversial issues

Pew Research Center - nonpartisan data and surveys on social issues

Social Justice Resources: Websites - websites, online magazines and journals covering race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, class, ability/disability, religion, age (Univ. of Kansas Libraries)

Social Issues Websites - Lists of websites on a wide variety of social issues (Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison)

Social Justice Resources - Websites on alternative press, criminal, legal, & restorative justice, education, the environment, health & welfare, and peace and social justice

Background Information on Social Justice

Broad Category: Social Justice


Drug Addiction/Abuse

Child Abuse

Human Trafficking


Women's Rights

Gender identity