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ENGL 41A African American Literature

Find Sources

Articles are written by different authors and for different readers:

  • Magazine articles are written by professional writers for a general audience.  These include magazines like National Geographic, Time, and People.
  • Newspaper articles are written by journalists for a general audience.  Local papers, like the Santa Cruz Sentinel, focus on local issues and readers.  They are generally short and are written quickly to focus on the latest news.
  • Scholarly Articles, also known as "Peer-Reviewed Articles," or "Academic Articles," these are:

    • Written and reviewed by scholars and provide new research, analysis, or information about a specific topic.
    • "Review" means the article is approved by other experts before publication
    • Usually focused on a narrow subject or a single case study
    • Intended for an academic audience

Find Journal Articles

Unlike articles, books:

  • Are written on a broader, general subject
  • May contain a collection of related chapters by different authors
  • Contain less recent information

Find Books

Request Books from Local Libraries:  Interlibrary Loan

newspapersNews Sources

Newspapers are good for book reviews and author interviews.

Find News Sources

  • U.S. Newsstream includes the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many other newspapers 
  • Google News free online newspapers