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BIO 11 Ecology

APA Citation Guides (7th edition)

Link to APA sample paper

In-Text Citation and References

Citation is a 2 part process: 

  1. In-text:  the information you cite in your paper
  2. References:  the complete information about your sources at the end of your paper

Part 1: In-Text Citation

This is what an in-text citation looks like in an essay:

Parenthetical reference to author & page: (Katel 61). Parenthetical reference to title, no author: ("Senate"). In-text reference to multiple authors: Lawhorne-Scott and Philpott point out that...

Part 2: References

Each time you refer to an author's work in the text of your paper (in-text citation), a corresponding full citation is made at the end of your paper, in the Reference list:

                             In the alphabetized Works Cited list, we see that the in-text citation matches the first word of each citation