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ENGL 2 Najarro

ENGL 2 Najarro

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Guide to English 2 Research

Library III: Apply Your Research Skills!

You've been learning about research all year in LIBR 10, ENGL 1A, and ENGL 2.  You guys are expert researchers!  Let's apply those skills to researching COVID-19. 

This research guide walks you through four steps.

  1. Keywords
  2. Search Effectively
  3. Find Sources
  4. Fact-Check

1. Keywords

  • What did you learn from the Article and Video Discussion Board?  Write down 5-10 keywords.
  • For example, if you are researching social justice and the effects of COVID-19 some keywords might be:
    • African American, black
    • Racially disproportionate impact
    • Healthcare, health insurance
    • Underlying health conditions, chronic conditions
    • Poverty, poor, intergenerational poverty