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Art History

Guide to Art History Research


Find Books and Articles

1. Identify an artist or artistic movement you want to research


  • Write down keywords associated with your topic (names, books, poetic movements, styles, etc.)
  • Use Biography Resource Center or Academic Search Complete to find articles on your topic
  • Send yourself at least once article
  • Be sure to include the citation 

2.  Art Books


Search OneSearch for an art book 

  • Search using your keywords
  • Search by subject (example-classical sculpture, Gentileschi, surrealism, etc)
  • Browse the Folio section
  • Browse the N section


3.  Find more information

Search ​WorldCat for books and articles that relate to your topic

  • Search using your keywords (e.g. nature and art or Latin American art)
  • Request books or articles via Interlibrary Loan (NOTE: Books published within the most recent year, reference materials, and videos cannot be requested)

Citations & Attributions

Image of Trevi fountain by Jennifer Martin from Unsplash is in the Public Domain, CC0