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BIO 5 Human Physiology

Guide to Physiology Research

Chart described in link at bottom of page

Getting Oriented to Your Research Topic

Example:  "How do race and ethnicity affect heart risk?" (Harvard Heart Letter, 2019)

  • Identify keywords, authors, organizations
  • Start to formulate research questions

What is your research topic?

  • Use your notes, textbook, and the internet to identify keywords, authors, organizations
  • Start to formulate your research questions

Popular vs. Research Articles


  • Use your keywords to search for scientific research articles in OneSearch
  • Use the filters on the left side to narrow by date, availability, and format

Evaluate Your Research Articles

  • Download this worksheet to take notes on your scientific research article
  • Use your scientific research article to find additional sources:  look at their reference list, other research by this author, identify new keywords in OneSearch and Google Scholar

Citations & Attributions

Center for Disease Control & Prevention. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in heart Disease (April 2019)

Text Description of Chart: Age-adjusted death rates for heart disease, by race and Hispanic origin:  1999-2017

This guide was adapted with permission from Kennesaw State University Library System