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Review & Evaluate Your Sources

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

  • Review the tutorial below, Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Review and Evaluate Your Sources

  • Who is the author?  What is the journal called?
  • What evidence do they cite?  Review their works cited list.
  • Identify at least one fact or quote you want to use.
  • How does this source contribute to your understanding of your research topic?



You can evaluate any source using the 5 W's:

  • Who: ...wrote it? Are they an expert?
  • What: the purpose of this resource?
  • Where: ...was this information published? ...does the information come from?
  • When: ...was this published or last updated?
  • Why: this resource useful? this resource better than other ones?

Scholarly articles -- also called peer reviewed or academic articles -- follow a very specific format. 

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article 

Many college assignments require you to use peer reviewed articles, also known as scholarly or academic articles.  This video from NCSU Library explains what peer review means.