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Library 100 (Not currently being offered as of Spring 2014)

Content, lesson plans, worksheets, and handouts for the course

Things you've learned so far ...

Library 100 -- Spring 2013 Week by Week

Bib sources in yellow   Technology in Blue   Choosing a research topic in green   Evaluation in gray

 February 11 – Introduce class. Survey. Review syllabus. Introductions of each other. Demo the library’s web page as our textbook. Tour library services including Circulation, Reserves, standup computers, Reference; Get network account, library cards.

February 18 is President's Day Holiday

February 25 – Introduce and summarize what is a research project, including the text, citations and work cited. Introduce physical books and discuss data elements. Extended tour of the library.

March 4 – Review from last week: research project and data elements for books plus call numbers and library tour. Introduce Works Cited. Introduce MLA. Plagiarism. Tech: Word and Email Email students before class and have them reply. Saving on Cabrillo computers: USB flash drive or save to Desktop and email.

March 11 – Review MLA. Introduce choosing a research topic. Tour of the library webpage. Background information for research: Using Opposing Viewpoint or CQ Researcher as a source for background information to pick a topic.  Discuss Encyclopedias and Wikipedia. NY Times top 10 stories.

March 18 – Review CQ Researcher and databases. Tech:Catalog searching techniques. Scavenger hunt, use other library catalogs.

March 25 -- Continue concept of choosing a Research Topic concept including narrowing and broadening. Discuss Background information for research and choosing topic: Encyclopedias and Wikipedia. NY Times top 10 stories Completed worksheet for Finding Background Informations.

April 1 -- Spring Break

April 8 –Define report vs research paper. Discuss paraphrasing and quotations and showed slide show. Introduced last background source: Opposing Viewpoints. Introduced magazines subscription databases. Worksheet on Academic Search Complete. 

April 15 – Review Evaluation of materials. Discuss Primary & Secondary Sources. Primary Sources: interviews, letters, photos, surveys, census. Secondary Sources: encyclopedia articles, websites. Introduce final project: Do background research to begin to identify a topic.   Final project is: Create and present PowerPoint show 7 slides maximum: 1 Intro. 2-6 Content 7 works cited list of sources.

April 22 -- Review MLA citation patterns and Works Cited. Review Paraphrasing and Note-taking. Evaluating a book or ebook. Introduce eBooks. Find a book source for topic. Cite that book using MLA format in-class worksheet.

April 29 – Review evaluating a book or ebook. Find journal sources and cite them, using in-class worksheet. Academic Search Complete and MLA continued.

May 6 -- Review evaluating a journal article. Show MLA Handbook and distribute Selected Citation Guide from Cabrillo librarians. Discuss Evaluating Web sources handout. Find two website sources and cite them using in-class worksheet.

May 13 -- Worked on final project in class.