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PS 1 Rowell

Make a Plan to Vote / Haga un plan para votar

Make a plan to vote Nov 3!  How to register to vote (, check your registration status (, and track your vote ( Haga un plan para votar el 3 de nov!  Como registrarte (, chequear (, y rastrearlo (

Ballot Information Sources


Research Centers

Research Articles, Reports, and Books

  • CQ Researcher - in depth reports on current social issues
  • CountryWatch - for up-to-date information on countries around the world see "CountryReviews"
  • OneSearch - searches almost all of the library collections at once

Fact Checking Resources


  • Chequado - chequea los dichos en el discurso público y los clasifican de "verdadero" o "falso"
  • - checks  the factual accuracy of statements
  • Politifact - researches statements and rate their accuracy on the Truth-O-Meter
  • Snopes - researches rumors & hoaxes

New Fact-Checking


  • AllSides - evaluates news stories as left, right, or center
  • Open Secrets - tracks donors, interests groups, PACs