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CAHM 120

Different types of sliced citrus on a cutting board

Guide to CAHM 120 Research

CAHM 120

Fact-checking Health Information Online

  • Why are you interested in this topic?  What do you already know about this topic?  What do you need to find out?  What are your research questions?

  • Do some "pre-research"   Find background information using MEDLINEplus.  Write down at least 3 research questions and 3 keywords related to your topic

  • Search for articles in OneSearch  Send yourself at least two articles.  As a group, pick one article to review more closely.  Look at the author(s), the keywords, and the reference list.

  • APA Citation Identify the APA citation for your article.  Look at the reference list.  Pick one interesting fact to cite using APA citation.

  • Websites  Try using Google Scholar or  Advanced Google Search to look for additional sources

  • Create an APA citation for your website

Citations & Attributions

Image of sliced citrus by Edgar Castrejon is in the Public Domain, CC0