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COMM 1 Weeks

COMM 1 Research

infographic showing how search engines customize searches and provide different results

Guide to COMM 1 Research

Library Research

Questions?  Use Ask a Librarian


1. Where Does Information Come From?

How can you verify news shared with you is real?  Review the slides below for fact checking strategies.

For more fact checking strategies, see Fact Checking page

2.  Compare Sources

Find one newspaper article from each of the search tools below:

3.  Identify Keywords to Search Effectively

Based on what you learned so far, identify at least 5 keywords related to your topic.

4.  Go Deeper:  Find Context & Research on your Topic

Find at least two articles using OneSearch:

  • OneSearch (library database) -- searches across all library collections

Use the database tools to email and cite your sources.

Still looking? Try one of these search tools:

Use the database tools to email and cite your sources.

Citations & Attributions