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COMM 4 Gentile

Summary of the report "Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms" in comic form, covering concepts of data mining and algorithm bias amplify misinformation and polarization

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Algorithms & Conspiracy Theories

Information Literacy in the Age of Algorithms (pgs. 3-8)

  • How do algorithms filter the news we see about the world?
  • What are the social and political ramifications of algorithms and how they influence our understanding of current events?
  • How do algorithms encourage the spread of conspiracy theories?

Identify a Conspiracy Theory to Investigate

  • Conspiracy Theories Podcast
  • Consider the questions:
    • What is behind this conspiracy theory?
    • What fears and anxieties does this conspiracy theory speak to?
    • What social and cultural work does this conspiracy theory do?

Persuasive Speech

Homework:  Bring one good source on your topic

Open a Google Doc to document your sources.

Still looking for a topic? 

Review Your Starting Source

  • Why is this source helpful?
  • Why is this source persuasive?

  • What kind of evidence does this source site?

Find Additional Sources

Think about finding diverse sources on your topic.  You want to go beyond the basics and find a wide range of perspectives and expert opinions.  Try these options, or check in with the librarian about your topic:

Where to start:  Background Information
Where to find current news, polls, and statistics
Where to find  in-depth studies and analysis 

Complete List of Cabrillo Databases

Try Finding One of Each

  • A background sources
  • Current news or statistics
  • A more in-depth study by a recognized expert

True Cost

Exploring Products & Identifying Keywords


  • Search for your product area. Identify background information, companies, brands & keywords (e.g. beewax wrap, reusable bags, single-use plastic, environment). 


  • Use your keywords to search for a product area  and specific products in U.S. Newsstream

Advanced Searching

Company Reports

  • Search for products & product areas in Business Source Premier
  • Identify keywords & NAICS codes relevant to the product area
  • For large, publically traded companies you may be able to find a company reports 

Search Everything

  • Use you keywords and NAICS codes to search for additional information in OneSearch