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ECE 32 Child, Family, Community

Guide to ECE 32 Research

Child walking hand-in-hand with parents

Guide to ECE 32 Research

Library Assignment

Mapping your research topic:  what is your research strategy?


Mapping your Topic: Questions & Keywords

Start with your broad topic

Brainstorm specific research questions.  Try asking questions such as Why?  Who?  How?  When?  Where? 

Look for broad questions that can be further divided into more narrow, specific questions


And continue to narrow your focus...


Review your topic map.  Which questions are you most interested in?  Which are the best fit for your assignment?  Highlight keywords and phrases you can use to search for information on this topic.

Source:  UCLA Library Inquiry Labs

Citations & Attributions

Image of children on a bench by Piron Guillaume is in the Public Domain, CC0