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ECE 51: Principles of Working with Young Children

Children on a bench looking at a park

Guide to ECE 51 Research

ECE 51 Gallagher-Heil

Researching ECE Theorists

  1. Start by using Biography in Context to look for background information on your theorist.  If you don't find any sources on your theorist, try using Advanced Google Search

  2. To find books in other libraries search  WorldCat or Google Books.

  3. To find articles search in  OneSearch or Google Scholar

Photo of Lev Vygotsky  

Lev Vygotsky Biography

Maria Montessory and a child 

Maria Montessori Biography

Paolo Freire 

Paulo Freire Biography

Magda Gerber playing with a child 

Magda Gerber Wikipedia

Friedrich Froebel 

Loris Malaguizzi (Reggio Emilia)

Emmi Pikler‚Äč 

Emmi Pikler

Black and white portrait of John Dewey

John Dewey

Black and white portrait of Mary Ainsworth

Mary Ainwsorth

Black and white portrait of Erik Erikson

Erik Erikson

Drawn portrait of Friedrich Froebel

Friedrich Froebel

Black and white portrait of Rudolf Steiner

Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf)

Black and white portrait of Evangeline Ward

Evangeline Ward

The Young Black Child: His Early

Education and Development (Ward, 1972)

Drawing of Jeinrich Pestalozzi

Heinrich Pestalozzi

Black and white photograph of Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget

Lilian Katz smiling in front of a book shelf

Lilian Katz

Citations & Attributions

Image of children on a bench by Piron Guillaume is in the Public Domain, CC0

This guide was adapted with permission from Kennesaw State University Library System