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ENGL 1A Christianson

Guide to ENGL 1A Research

Close up of books

Guide to ENGL 1A Research


Fact Checking Stories & Images

News Sources

Search Tools & Sources

Citing Sources

Picking a Search Tool

I'm looking for

Search tool

Sources included


Background information on a social issue

CQ Researcher

Opposing Viewpoints

Popular articles

Professional articles

Scholarly articles


Great place to start

Leads you to more sources

Basic overview for a general audience MasterFile Premier

Popular articles

Professional articles

Good place to start

Helps you get ideas

For a general audience

Recent news

Google news

Newspaper databases

Major U.S. newspapers

Local newspapers

International newspapers


For a general audience

Local perspective

In depth research

Academic Search Complete


Google Scholar

Pew Research Center

Popular articles

Professional articles

Scholarly articles

Newspaper articles


In depth research & evidence

Examples & case studies


Written by experts

Leads you to more sources


Citations & Attributions

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