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ENGL 1A Fague

Guide to ENGL 1A Research

apartment building

Guide to ENGL 1A Research

Rent Control Resources

Questions to Consider

  • What claims are made by groups that support and oppose rent control in Santa Cruz?
  • Can you find credible sources to fact-check these claims?


Immigration Resources

Debates to Consider

  • Economy: Specific positive or negative effects (i.e. wages, income, revenues, productivity, GDP, unemployment, taxes, consumer spending), Specific industries (i.e. agriculture), Immigrant-owned businesses, Immigrant entrepreneurship/innovation
  • Education: California DREAM Act, DACA
  • Crime: Impact on crime rate, "Sanctuary cities," Kate Steinle case, Racial profiling
  • Health: Health care, Government spending
  • Deportation, Detention centers, Family separation
  • Politics: Effects on elections, Immigration policy, Farmworker rights



Fact Checking

News Sources

Search Tools & Sources

Citing Sources

Citations & Attributions

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