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ENGL 1A McCallum

English 1A McCallum

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Guide to ENGL 1A Research

Research on South Africa

1.  Background Information

  • Apartheid from the Encyclopedia of Race & Racism
  • Biography in Context  look up biographies of people such as Nelson Mandela, Stephen Biko, and Trevor Noah
  • CountryWatch  look up up-to-date information on countries around the world

To find South Afircan in Countrywatch first select "country reviews," then select "South Africa"

2. Keywords 

  • Write down at least five keywords you learned doing background research:  people, events, organizations, etc.
  • For example, some keywords for apartheid might be:
    • Segregation
    • Nelson Mandela, Stephen Biko
    • African National Congress
    • Strikes, boycotts, sanctions, divest
    • Antiapartheid