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ENGL 1A Osborne

Guide to ENGL 1A Research

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Guide to English 1A Research

Explore Your Topic

Before you dive into your research, it's helpful to do some background research.

Some good places to find background information:

  • Your textbook or class readings
  • Encyclopedias and reference books
  • Credible websites
  • Library databases

Try the library databases below to explore your topic. When you're ready, move on to refining your topic.

Find Background Information:

Researching a Company

Company Reports

  • Search for a product area in Business Source Premier
  • Search for company reports and marketline reports on a particular company
  • Identify keywords & NAICS codes relevant to the product area


  • Use your keywords to search for a product area  and specific products in U.S. Newsstream

Search Everything

  • Use you keywords and NAICS codes to search for additional information in OneSearch


Search for your company and product. Identify background information & keywords (e.g. beewax wrap, reusable bags, single-use plastic, environment). 

Regulating Agencies

Use the keywords you have identified to look for information on these government websites‚Äč:

Citations & Attributions

Image of books by Ed Robertson is in the Public Domain, CC0

This guide was adapted with permission from Kennesaw State University Library System