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ENGL 1AH C. Scott-Curtis

Guide to ENGL 1AH Research

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Guide to ENGL 1A Research

1. Fact-Checking

Fact-Checking Strategies

Exploring Research Topics

Look for news sources on a topic you are interested in researching:

  • Google News (free online newspapers)

  • U.S. Newsstream (free full-text from New York Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.)
  • America's Newsbank (free full-text for local newspapers)
  • Send yourself at least two news sources
  • How did you fact-check these sources?
  • Write down important questions and keywords

Search Alerts

2. Finding Scholarly Sources


Specialized Databases

Google Scholar

Review strategies for finding scholarly research for current/local topics

No ILL :(

3. Evaluating Sources

Reviewing & Sorting Sources

Tracking Down Sources

Need Help?  Ask A Librarian

  • Check in about additional sources for your topic

  • Check in about citation question

Citations & Attributions

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