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MA 100

Medical Assistant taking a patient's vital signs

Guide to MA 100 Research

MA 100

Fact-checking Health Information Online

  • Discuss your research topic with your group   Why are you interested in this topic?  What do you already know about this topic?  What do you need to find out?  What are your research questions?

  • Do some "pre-research"   Find background information using MEDLINEplus.  Write down at least 3 research questions and 3 keywords related to your topic

  • Websites  Try using Google Scholar or  Advanced Google Search to look for additional sources

  • Create an APA citation for your website

  • Revisit your research questions  Do you have any new questions or search terms?

Take a Break. Get a library card.

  • Search for articles in OneSearch  Send yourself at least two articles.  As a group, pick one article to review more closely.  Look at the author(s), the keywords, and the reference list.

  • APA Citation Identify the APA citation for your article.  Look at the reference list.  Pick one interesting fact to cite using APA citation.

  • Revisit your research questions   Do you have any new questions?  Assign each member of your group a question to research

Citations & Attributions

Image of medical assistant helping a patient by Hush Naidoo is in the Public Domain, CC0