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WS 11: Feminist Theory & Methodology


Library Visit I

1. What is your research strategy?  

  • What do you know about your topic?  
  • What are your research questions?
  • What search terms will help find information on this topic?

2. SuperSearch

  • Searching
  • Search alerts

3. Google Scholar

  • Searching
  • Search alerts

4. What do academic sources look like?  Why use academic sources?

5. Interlibrary Loan

Library Visit II

1. Revist your research topic

2. What sources do you have so far?  What is your best source?

3. SuperSearch:  Books, eBooks, & Articles

4. Google Scholar:  Books & Articles

5. Interlibrary Loan

6. Document your sources using APA citation

Video source:  NCSU Libraries, 2013

BEAM Model

Background  sources that provide context
Exhibit  sources that illustrate the issue, e.g. primary sources
Argument  expert witnesses, use to argue or complicate your argument.  Credentials important here
Method  framework, lens, mode of concudting research (e.g. World Systems Theory, Feminist Framework, Marxism)