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WS 2

Global Perspectives on Women


  • Brainstorm your research questions and keywords
  • Review search tips 
  • Find academic articles using SuperSearch (searches all the databases)
  • Find newspaper articles using ProQuest National Newspapers database
  • Find news articles using Google News: create an alert for yourself
  • Use your best sources to find more good sources


 Source: Wordle from Univeristy of Kent blog. 11 June, 2012. Web. 5 Nov. 2015.


Topics 2016

Write a petition.  Sample topics:

  • domestic violence
  • education for girls
  • education about gender inequality
  • wage gap
  • women's land ownership
  • transgender health 

Find and evaluate a range of sources (news articles, websites, academic articles); leave with 2 outside sources for your petition.

Sample petition from