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Research in the Social Sciences (Flex 2015)


ANTHR 1 BIOLOGICAL: Research Poster Project

This semester you will be required to complete a group research project on a topic related to biological anthropology. You and your group will select a topic, conduct research, and assemble a poster presenting the research during the scheduled final exam time. At the poster presentation, you will also submit a portfolio with all of the steps of the research process (this will largely consist the graded assignments).

The poster project is broken down into 5 required steps:

1.     Library Class I

In the class preceding the first library class, you will be assigned several readings about HIV/AIDS and you will complete worksheets based on them. You will bring the readings, worksheets, and your notes from class about the articles to the library class and they will serve as a starting point for learning about the research process and the resources available through the library.   Due Date:

2.     Choose a Topic

You and your group will choose a topic related to biological anthropology and submit the topic and bibliographic entries (we will get to that in the assignment handout) for at least 2 initial sources about it. I will provide you with a list of terms to help you start thinking about topics. You will receive feedback from me about your topic and may need to do some revisions or select a new topic. Those revisions must be completed before Library Class II.  Due Date:

3.     Library Class II   
You will bring your topic and 2 initial sources to the second library class and work in your groups. This class will help you focus on finding appropriate sources on your topic and gathering sources for the annotated bibliography.  Due Date:

4.     Annotated Bibliography   

An annotated bibliography is a great tool to use during the research process to help you summarize and evaluate the sources you have collected. An annotated bibliography consists of two main components: a bibliographic entry for each source and a short summary of the main ideas in each source and their relevance to your project. Putting this information together in a formal document will help you evaluate the information you have researched up to this point, make sure you are collecting information that will help you compose your final poster, and see if there is any information you still need.  Due Date:

5.     Final Poster Presentation

The final poster presentations will take place during the scheduled final exam time. Specific instructions about the information that needs to be included on the poster, the number and type of sources required, and formatting will be provided.  Due Date: