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ENGL 12B/14B Najarro

Guide to Poetry Research

June Jordan, Felipe Herrera, and Jeff Tagami

Guide to Poetry Research

ENGL 12B/14B Poetry Najarro

Identify a poet or poetic movement you want to research

  • search your poet or poetic movement in Biography in Context

  • write down keywords associated with your topic

Find at least two articles

Find at least one poetry book

Find at least one book

  • OneSearch --> Books
    • search for subject:  poetry
    • search using your keywords

Find at least one art books

  • OneSearch --> Books
    • search using your keywords (e.g. nature and art or Latin American art)
    • browse the Folio section
    • browse the N section

Find at least one image

  • Artstor
    • search by artist or movement (e.g. Romare Bearden or Harlem Renaissance)
    • search by classification (e.g.. painting or drawings and watercolors)

Citations & Attributions

Images:  June Jordan, Felipe Herrera, and Jeff Tagami

This guide was adapted with permission from Kennesaw State University Library System