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History 17A Smyth

Guide to History 17A Research

1818 map of the United States and territories

Guide to Research U.S. History to 1865

Research: U.S. History to 1865

Identify Keywords

  • Use your class notes and readings to identify keywords
  • These can be people, organizations, events, laws, locations, etc.
  • Review the Search effectively tab to learn how to combine your keywords to find the best results

Find Articles

  • Use the Find Sources tab to search for scholarly articles in the OneSearch and the library databases
  • Email yourself at least three articles.  Remember to include the citation.

Find Books

  • Use the Find Sources tab to search for eBooks.
  • Email yourself at least one book chapter.  Remember to include the citation.

Review your Sources

  • Use the Evaluation tab to evaluate the sources you have gathered.  Are the scholarly or popular?  Are they relevant to your topic? 
  • Remember to write down citations for all of your sources.

Citations & Attributions

Untied States of America, 1818.  Library of Congress.